ISO 9001:2008
WhyChoose us ?
We have a very efficient and expereinced managment team which provides total customer satisfaction through :

1. Listening to what our customer want because this is the only way to shed old ideas for new ones.

2. Continous improvement in quality and service.

3. Timely delivery.

4. Dedication , involvment and co-operation of all people at every stage.

5. Balancing pre and post sales services.

We offer not only a wide range of architectual products but also professional approach and knowledge of international and local markets which helps us to establish a goodwill in the international market as well as in the national market.

At "Miral Exports" we are experts in exports. We help to quickly identify organizational and individual strengths as well as opportunities for development. So, why choose us?

1. Our process is extremely flexible and easily customized
2. Our responsiveness is second to none
3. Our service is first class. Just ask our clients!
4. Our staff are highly experienced and customer focused
5. We are dedicated to quality